The winners of the #JAMAcup

At every #NephJC chat I find myself delighted with the bits of Twitter wisdom that get funneled through the hashtag. We are going to try to do a better job of rewarding the best of these. Some of these awards will even have prizes. This week we are delighted to announce winners of a great looking JAMA coffee mug, named the JAMAcup in this pre-chat banter:

The winner of the #JAMAcup for the Tuesday night chat is Azra Bihorac (@AzraBihorac) who wrote this gem: 

We would also like to give honorable mention (but no mug) to Mike Walsh (@lastwalsh) who was the first to alert us to the negative results for RIPC in other large trials:

The Wednesday chat was great and picking a winner was difficult but we selected this dejavu all over again tweet by Graham Abra (@GrahamAbra):

Honorable mention to Michael Hultström (@mhulstrom) for this:


A hearty thanks to JAMA. We love working with them and appreciate their support of post-publication peer review.