Need any more evidence that #NephJC rocks?

You may have seen the evidence pyramid before, with animal studies and case reports at the bottom, and systematic reviews on the top. 

Well, an interesting paper was published a few days ago, in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Go ahead, click on that link and check it out. 

It is a systematic review of all twitter-based journal clubs (and they seem to have captured all that were existing at that time). They have then examined the impact of these journals clubs using many different metrics. Interestingly, the one that immediately stands out is in table 2:

Table 2 from Roberts et al,

Table 2 from Roberts et al,

There's only one journal club with over a million impressions. Take a bow, all of you who have ever participated in a #NephJC chat!

The paper does make for interesting reading, apart from what we mention above. Some of the analyses agrees with our thoughts after the first dozen #nephJC chats