This week, #NephJC will be handed over to #AskASN as we discuss the recently published editorial on ASN's position on the ABIM MOC program. Please join us Tuesday December 8 at 9 PM Eastern for the chat.

Because this is an USA centric topic, there will be no Afro/Euro chat on Wednesday. Sorry.

The American Board of Internal Medicine's Maintenance of Certification program has been a contentious issue for years and despite the ABIM back tracking on some of their newer demands it doesn't seem to be going away. Up to now the American Society of Nephrology has largely stood on the sidelines. In 2014 they had an presentation at Kidney Week with Dr. Baron, President and Chief Executive Officer of the ABIM. They redid that session this year in San Diego, featuring Dr. Teirstein, leader of the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons, an alternative board certification organization.

Katie Kwon, live tweeting sharp shooter provided coverage of the session:

Late last week, the ASN published an editorial outlining the current position of the organization on ABIM MOC and laid out choices for moving forwards. Take a look it is quite good.

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