Social media used to be the new way people communicate, but that was in 2010. Today social media is the telephone.

Your hosts:

Kenar Jhaveri @Kdjhaveri

COI: honorarium AJKD blog editor

Joel Topf @Kidney_boy 

COI: In the last year I have consulted for ZS-Pharma (Jan) and Alexion (Jan). I am purportedly on the speakers bureau for Astute Medical but I have not yet spoken for them and have not yet cashed a check (though have bought me lunch a few times). I am a partner in three (soon to be four) Davita run hemodialysis clinics. Astellas paid for my trip to Australia (Feb) for me to speak at one meeting and three hospitals.

Matt Sparks @Nephro_Sparks

COI: honorarium MedIQ

We are a team and though each of us is associated with one project more than others we all work on all the projects. We call this team, The Nephrology Social Media Collective

Digital natives

The incoming class of interns in July 2016 started high school the same year Facebook was born. It's been social media their entire adult life.

Today's workshop wants to offer value to people of all levels of social media savvy. From the occasional Facebooker to active bloggers. 

There are a lot of great introductions to social media that you can find at conferences and on the web. We suggest:


Twitter Super User

All you need to know about Twitter

But that is not what this session about. This is not a sit back and enjoy lecture it is a log in and participate workshop. This is sit forward, not lean back, session.

This workshop is about moving people from the left to the right (not politically).

This workshop is about moving people from the left to the right (not politically).

Three Act workshop:

  1. Blogging • Thought
  2. Tweeting • Conversation
  3. Case studies in social media professionalism