Conversation on twitter requires respect

It also requires being facile with the tools included in Twitter for generating conversation on Twitter.

Three ways to respond/engage: reply, tag and quote.


Here is a conversation about the Sprint BP targets. The conversation flows entirely through replies. No quotes. No hashtag.



You can tag an image in Twitter. This is another way to effectively break the 140 character limit.

Here is a using mentions in a tweet:

You can tag people in a photo:



Quoting is when you want to amplify someone's tweet while also providing some commentary:

Saw this tweet

I don't follow John Inglis, but he was retweeted by Bryan Byrd, someone I do. John used the quote function on this tweet:

I quoted John's tweet:

I could have quoted the original tweet, but that would have cut out John. Quoting him is my citation.

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