Hashtags are a way to create focus in twitter


These is an essential component to the tweet. Why? because hashtags allow for a way for tweets to be collated together from multiple users (many of which are not connected) A great example is #NephPearls. All you need to do is click on #NephPearls and you get the entire collection of tweets.

There are multiple ways to follow a hashtag

  1. Click on the hashtag. This will give you the top tweets and images associated with that tweet, and you are one click away from seeing a chronologic list of tweets. Great for reading/catching up.
  2. Tweetchat.com a website that filters out all of twitter and only shows you the tweets of a selected hashtag. Any tweets you write at this website automatically have selected hashtag added to them
  3. TChat.io Same as Tweetchat.com. I feel that it is a bit more reliable.

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