Since Twitter is conversation the assignment is to chat about the Marathon causes AKI paper. Some of you may have written a blog post about it in the previous activity.

In the discussion use the hashtag #MarathonAKI

Remember to add your hashtag to every tweet in the conversation. You do not need to follow people in the chat as long as you follow the hashtag and all the participants use the hashtag in each tweet you will see the whole conversation.

But use this opportunity to follow people that look interesting and could add value to your time line. Chats are excellent ways to build your personal learning network.

Use chat software

This is where TweetChat and become so valuable.

They automatically tune in the hashtag and filter everything else out

They automatically add the hashtag to your tweets

You will need to log in with your twitter credentials. When they ask for the ability to follow and tweet on your behalf, that is not a scam, it is how this software works.

This link will go to an activity page for Tweeting about MarathonAKI.

After this workshop follow all the tweeting from the rest of #KidneyCon.

Go to or, log in and start gabbing.