The Fluid Wars Return: Can we restore Balance to the field

The Fluid Wars Return: Can we restore Balance to the field

March 13/14 we will discuss the pair of trials in NEJM from Vanderbilt: comparing balanced solutions to normal saline in critically ill & not ill patients. Join us for the next #NephJC to parse through SMART & SALT-ED

#NephJC on desensitization & the winners of the #NEJMCup

This was another great #NephJC. Notable for many firsts:

The transcripts and storifys are also already done - and up on the page, due to uber-fast curation from Hector.

Lastly, we have the pleasure of announcing the winners of the coveted #NEJMCup. There were many great tweets, so it took some time to sift through all the nominees. Here are the winning tweets:

Congratulations, Kevin and Sian! Your #NEJMCups should be on the way soon, courtesy of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Announcing the #NEJMCup for the next #NephJC, courtesy @NEJM

We are discussing an NEJM article next week (on that note check out the summary, written by Matt Graham-Brown). The hurdle? Its behind a subscriber-only wall - and this is an issue that has come up as a barrier for many of us not in academia or with a personal subscription to the Journal. However, the nice people at the Journal have kindly agreed to make it easily accessible for #NephJC readers - use the link on our summary page, and you will get the full text. 

But there is more good news. Like what we have done in the past with JAMA, the best tweet of the night will get a prize. One for each chat. 

The #NEJMCup!

The #NEJMCup!

Lastly, thanks to Lisa Rosenbaum for opening to doors to NEJM for us.